Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Bouqs Review!

Lovely! No better word to describe the roses I was fortunate enough to be sent by The Bouqs for review. I was contacted not that long ago by The Bouqs and agreed to have their ad on my blog and in return I received a beautiful bouquet of my choice. I chose their 'Confetti' bouquet. I don't get roses all that often and this particular bouquet contained many different colors of roses so that is how I made my decision. It wasn't easy. All of their flowers are gorgeous and so vibrant. It wasn't a bad position to be in. Lol!

When my package arrived (from Ecuador!) the box was a little bit bent in the middle. I know that this is the fault of the shipping company and not The Bouqs themselves. No harm done. The flowers were packaged very well and made their journey intact.

I had to send myself a little card, of course! I really should send myself flowers more often ;-) What a treat!

Once inside the box I could already tell how lovely the were. As you can see, the packaging was nicely done to keep them safe on their long journey.

I wondered how they could travel so far and stay beautiful. The ends of the stems were covered in a jelly like substance to keep them hydrated for the ride.

I laid them all out and per the instructions, removed a few outer "guard petals" where necessary and then trimmed about an inch off of the bottom of each stem. I placed them in a vase with some water and the little packet of flower "food" that came along with it.

The pictures turned out wonderfully and I need you to know that in person these roses are even more spectacular.

The following picture was taken a week later and they were still doing great! They lasted almost two week and even after they started to wilt they were drying out beautifully.

In case you missed my previous post on why I chose to work with The Bouqs, here are a few clips from their website:

When comparing prices with other flower delivery services I was pleasantly surprised. When you sign up for an account with The Bouqs, a bouquet like this is only $40 with no additional shipping costs! Unreal. Comparable bouquets sell most places for $45 - $75 and even more plus you would pay delivery fees. The Bouqs is where I will be ordering all of my future flowers from, period.

Gotta get some for yourself? Click HERE and see the magnificence for yourself! You can also click on the cute little add on all of my blog pages. Happy flower shopping!

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Mega Mesh Premium Magnetic Screen Door Review

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So, my new fabulous house did not come with any screen doors. Sigh. When I came across the opportunity to try out one of these Easy Install magnetic screen doors I was very excited. After trying it out personally, I feel that this product is not for me but it is my own fault, if we are being honest here.

Easy Install's Mega Mesh Magnetic Screen door is a good product. It is sturdy and made well. The stitching is great and the adhesive Velcro strips work perfectly. It secures very nicely to the door frame. It can also be moved to another doorway quite easily. The adhesive Velcro strips stick very firmly but I had no problem removing them from the door frame with no residue left behind.

That being said, unfortunately for me, this particular model did not fit properly in any of my three doorways of choice. If you wish to try this product, I highly recommend measuring your doorways accurately for maximum performance. The magnetic closing feature works pretty well, although after my children and dog went in and out of it I did have to go over to the screen and manually close the magnets by hand sometimes. Also, if you have cats that should not go outside this may not be the right product for you. My cats could walk through it easily and my cats are strictly indoor cats.

Here is a picture of the product on my sliding glass doorway. I also tried it on the front door and the door coming in from the garage. None were a great fit.

Thank you to Hearne Unltd. for allowing me to try out this product. I enjoyed the experience and am sorry it didn't work out so well for me.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.