Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Bacon Wrapped Sweet Peppers Recipe

I must admit...this recipe was not entirely my idea. The hubby went up to the butcher shop a couple weeks ago and came home with these beautiful cream cheese stuffed bacon wrapped jalapenos. They looked great but I am not a fan of eating whole jalapenos. I like them in other foods like salsa and such but that's just me. I happened to have a whole bag of mini sweet peppers in the fridge and thought I should give it a try with those instead. It was one of the appetizers I made for my hubby's birthday happy hour party I hosted here at the house. Appetizers, cocktails and cupcakes. He is a lucky man. Lol!

Bacon-Wrapped Sweet Peppers Recipe


@ 20 Mini sweet peppers
@ 10 slices of bacon
1 8 oz. tub whipped cream cheese
2 Tbsp Dried minced onions
Garlic Salt & Pepper to taste
splash of milk (optional)


1. Cut tops/stems off sweet peppers and hollow out all of the seeds and veins. Seeding the peppers is a great job for a child who likes to help in the kitchen. Especially since they have smaller fingers.

2. Whip together cream cheese, onions & seasonings until creamy. Add milk only if it is too thick to pipe through a bag. Not too runny though or it will leak out of the peppers.

3. Pipe the cream cheese mixture into each mini pepper until just full. If you do not have a piping bag, a butter knife works well also.

4. Cut each slice of bacon in half and spiral wrap one around each stuffed pepper. I made sure to have a  bit of bacon over the cream cheese side to keep as much cheesy deliciousness inside as possible.

5. Place on baking sheet (with edges) lined with parchment paper about 2" apart. Bake at 350° for 30-40 minutes. Keep an eye on them and take out as soon as the bacon is cooked to your liking. Consider draining the bacon grease out about half way through baking time.

That's it. Super easy and so good. They will be very hot though so try not to eat them too soon, I know it will be difficult though. Ha!

Hope you love 'em! Happy eating ya'll!

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