Friday, May 1, 2015

Imitation Crab Meat Lettuce Wraps Recipe

Welcome to the new and improved 'Ginny Says So' blog. As you can see, we had a makeover today. I originally started this blog to review products and services of all types and to host the occasional giveaway. It has always been heavy on the cooking side of things and seeing as I just launched my very own personal chef business last month, I feel it's only fitting to dive right in and devote this blog to my true happy kitchen!

Today, I wanted something yummy and new for lunch. I was feeling under the weather yesterday and only ate a bit of white rice because nothing else sounded very good. That means today I was super hungry! While digging through the refrigerator I came across a pack of imitation crab meat that I had purchased especially for me. Score! But what to do with it? I turned to usual.

That's what I do. It took me quite a while to embrace the whole Pinterest thing but once I did I was completely sold. I actually have my boards set up like a recipe book for easy reference. You can see for yourself by clicking HERE. It really is an amazing resource where food and recipes are concerned. But, I never end up using recipes the way they are written. I modify them. I know what I like and I make it so. It's what I call a 'Pinterest Twist.'

You can see the original recipe that I found right HERE.

This is how I made them...

Imitation Crab Meat Lettuce Wraps Recipe


1             16 oz. package of imitation crab meat (If you have real crab, use it you lucky duck)
1             cucumber
1             Roma tomato
2 tbsp     green onions
3/4 - 1 cup sour cream
1 tbsp     Dill weed
1 tsp       onion salt (hubby's idea)
1 tbsp     lemon juice
Lots of cracked pepper and extra salt
Romaine lettuce leaves


Chop the imitation crab meat into about 1/2" chunks.

Dice the cucumber, tomato and green onions and toss together in a bowl with the crab meat.

Add the rest of the ingredients, except the lettuce, and mix gently, adding more salt and/or pepper if desired.

Add a couple spoonfuls of crab meat mixture into each lettuce leaf and eat them. Eat them all. Just kidding, you should probably share some.

So, easy and so good. Hope you enjoy them and pretty please share pictures or comments if you do.

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